RCA History and Organization

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Brief Outline of RCA History

In the small colonial town of New Amsterdam, on a Sunday in 1628, about fifty people gathered around a crude table in a mill loft.

The Constitution of the RCA

Our purpose and the contents of the constitution of the RCA.

How We're Organized

The Reformed Church in America has a presbyterial, or representative, form of government that is biblically based.

How We Worship

Worship is the central act of the church's life. It is the action of acknowledging God's praiseworthiness and glory.

Our Camps

A list of RCA-affiliated camp and retreat centers.

Our Colleges

More about the 3 RCA colleges: Hope College, Central College, and Northwestern College.

Our Seminaries

More information about the two RCA seminaries: New Brunswick and Western.

RCA Resources

Resources designed for RCA churches, including the RCA logo, crest, and Transformed & Transforming logo. Others include Baptism, Membership certificates and forms, calendars, and more.