Ahuas Clinic

About Ahuas Clinic

Exotic birds squawk and bounce from tree to tree in the tropical rainforest. At the same time, poisonous snakes and insects crawl along the rainforest floor, while crocodiles slip into the river. The lush wall of flora has kept cars and modern-day technology from reaching the Miskito people of the Mosquitia region of Honduras. It has also kept the gospel from reaching them, and it isolates people from the nearest hospital—more than 12 hours away by canoe.

For more than 65 years, Ahuas Clinic in Ahuas, Honduras, has provided medical care for the Miskito people: prenatal care, midwife education, nutrition instruction, a program to feed malnourished children, vaccinations, and a program to teach about HIV detection and prevention. In 2018, almost 3,000 people received medical care or hospitalization, gave birth, or underwent surgery at the clinic. The RCA supports two full time doctors at the clinic.

Location: Honduras
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