Case Studies for Consistories

Author's Introduction

These case studies are developed to support a transformation in how consistories interact.

As I've worked with churches in conflict and struggling with change, I've observed dedicated and well-meaning people becoming very frustrated. My background in communication studies leads me to see this as a problem of process.

The way people interact either helps or hurts their ability to solve problems. This is not a particularly Christian or theological approach (at least on the surface). It might also be true for civic groups, synagogues, mosques, school boards...anywhere there are people seeking to collaborate on shared projects.

There are many excellent biblical and theological studies about the consistory, church offices, mission, vision, and conflict. These studies are meant to complement them by offering a communication process perspective.

--Philip Bakelaar

The Cases

Case 1: The Blahs Set In
Case 2: The Church Is Dirty
Case 3: Bill Is Angry Again
Case 4: People Aren't Happy
Case 5: These Young People Today...
Case 6: I Can't Stand Those Praise Ditties
Case 7: The Bible Says...
Case 8: Pastor, Why Aren't You...?
Case 9: You Want to Spend What?!
Case 10: Parking Lot Meetings
Case 11: It's All Your Fault
Case 12: So What Do We Do Now?