Consistory Center

Resourcing church leaders

Welcome to the RCA's Consistory Center. These pages offer information and resources to elders, deacons, ministers, treasurers, and administrators as you work together to lead your churches in mission and ministry for Christ.

Resources for All Consistory Members: Are you currently serving on consistory? Then this is the place to start. Discover what consistory is, learn about leadership training, investigate the RCA and its governance, and lots more.

Resources for Deacons: Look here for information that will help you grow and develop as a deacon.

Resources for Elders: Look here for information that will help you grow and develop as an elder.

Resources for Treasurers and Administrators: Look here for a variety of information that will help you administer the finances of your church. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Do you have consistory-related questions that haven't been answered yet? You may want to take a look at the FAQs.

Complete the Consistorial Report Form for Year-End 2019

Resources for Deacons

The Greek word in the Bible for deacon, diakonos, means servant.

Resources for Elders

As an elder, you are responsible for sound teaching and discipline within your church, and for the spiritual well-being of the congregation.

Case Studies for Consistories

These case studies are developed to support a transformation in how consistories interact. There are many excellent biblical and theological studies about the consistory, church offices, mission, vision, and conflict. These studies are meant to complement them by offering a communication process perspective.

Consistorial Report Form

The annual Consistorial Report Form (CRF) can be filled out online from January 1 to March 1

Consistory Devotions

Setting the stage for godly leadership

Incorporation of Local Churches

Although not required by the RCA's Book of Church Order incorporation of a local church offers a number of advantages.

Ministering to the Pastor

Pastors need the same care and spiritual nurture we all do. Elders, who work closely with the pastor in the ministry of the church, are in a good position to provide that nurture.

Pastoral Search Handbook

Since each church has unique needs and since each pastor has special gifts for ministry, it is essential that the church and candidates be involved in a process of prayerful and intentional discernment.

Praying with Someone in Need

How can I prepare to pray with someone in need?

Providing pastoral care

How can elders provide better pastoral care for their congregations?

Risk Assessment

To promote physical health, individuals are encouraged to undergo routine, periodic physical exams. Churches should do the same thing—not just regarding their physical condition, but regarding their "legal" condition as well. Like it or not, churches are engaged in legal relationships and commercial activities on a daily basis.