Discipleship is living and loving like Jesus in all you think, say, and do.

Knowing where or how to start can be a challenge.

We’re here to come alongside churches and create pathways that equip, empower, and encourage people on their journeys to be more like Jesus. We want to connect your church with every support we have in place so that you can be excellent and efficient in your call to be disciples who make disciples.

We would love to connect with you. Email us at discipleship@rca.org.

If you would like resources for either beginning or continuing your journey into deeper discipleship, see below:

We believe discipleship is an integral part to all ministry.  If you’re looking to grow in leadership or mission, we encourage you to connect with our colleagues as well.


Children and Worship

An overview with resources for Children and Worship, an approach that helps children experience rather than merely learn about worship.

Discipleship: Deep, Rich, & Rooted

"Discipleship: Deep, Rich, and Rooted" can help you grow as a disciple, or equip you to help others grow. Discover Scriptures, devotionals, and best practices about baptism, the Bible, belonging, and more. 

Lectio Divina (Spiritual reading)

Christians have practiced this ancient method of praying the scriptures for over 1500 years. It uses both the head and heart to integrate God's Word in us. 

Suggestions for Praying

Several models suggesting how Christians can grow in their practice of prayer.

The Top 10 Questions about God and How to Respond to Them

This engaging resource is appropriate for use in mentoring relationships, new-member classes, and small group settings.

Words of Hope Daily Devotional

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