MFCA Process Guide: Part Two, Step Four


A. The applicant appears before classis to give a personal statement of faith and reasons for seeking ordination as minister of Word and sacrament (see explanatory note 4 on p. 23).

B. The Candidate Care Committee makes its recommendation to the classis regarding the applicant.

C. The classis takes action on the applicant’s candidacy.

D. If classis approves the candidacy, it then moves to receive the applicant under its care and supervision.

E. The classis may choose to conduct a brief worship service in recognition of the occasion. The Liturgy for Receiving a Candidate under Care of Classis (Form No. VI) may be used for this purpose.

F. The enrolled candidate immediately contacts the MFCA office for enrollment requirements (see explanatory note 5 on p. 23). 

G. If the enrolled candidate chooses to attend NBTS or WTS, the stated clerk immediately sends a Petition for Certificate of Fitness for Ministry (Form V) to NBTS or WTS, respectively, on behalf of the candidate. Form V must be received a minimum of twenty-four months prior to the time it is to be given final disposition by the General Synod through its agent. 

If the enrolled candidate anticipates attending a non-RCA seminary and the seminary has been approved by the classis, the stated clerk immediately sends a Petition for a Certificate of Fitness for Ministry (Form V) to the MFCA on behalf of the candidate. 

H. The seminary in which a candidate is enrolled must normally be near RCA congregations for the purpose of worship attendance, and so that an RCA clergy person can be available to serve as a pastor-sponsor. Final approval of enrollment in a non-RCA seminary is made by the Certification Committee and the MFCA.