MFCA: Process Guide Introduction

This manual has been written with several readers in mind:

  • Those who think they might be called by God to the ministry of Word and sacrament in the Reformed Church in America;
  • Pastors and consistories of those potential candidates for ministry; and
  • Classis committees charged with the care and supervision of candidates until they obtain ordination to the office of minister of Word and sacrament.

The manual describes the process by which a person who feels called by God can respond appropriately and receive the necessary care and supervision of the church.

Part one addresses each person or group involved in the process of becoming a candidate for ordination in the RCA. Together, these sections provide an overview of the process. You may wish to read all the sections, or only that section that specifically applies to your role in the process.

Part two details the procedure that leads to the granting of the Certificate of Fitness for Ministry. These procedures, set forth step by step and as completely as possible, are intended to shape a helpful process for the care and supervision of candidates for the ministry of Word and sacrament in the Reformed Church in America.

Part three covers exceptions to this process—candidates who request an alternate means for achieving the certificate or who wish to pursue the Approved Alternate Route to certification.

Our goal in providing this manual is to work with you in the important task of preparing candidates for the ministry of Word and sacrament. If you have questions that are not answered in this manual, please contact the Director of the Ministerial Formation Certification Agency, or one of the seminary presidents.

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