Office of Ministry Services

Is your church going through a pastoral transition? Or are you a pastor seeking a new call?

The Office of Ministry Services helps pastors and search teams navigate pastoral transitions with hope, energy, and fresh vision. We also have resources for classis supervisors.


Are you a church leader or on your church’s search team?

Our team can help you navigate the process of a pastoral leadership transition and connect you with the best pastoral candidates for your ministry. We can review and provide feedback on your church profile, give you tips on attracting the best candidates, help you develop a strategy for discerning which candidates to pursue, share best practices for interviewing, and assist in all aspects of the search process.

If your church is searching for a pastor, contact Molly Towne at

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Are you a pastor looking for a call?

Our team can help you find the place to which God is calling you. We can offer feedback and assistance with your minister’s profile, discuss job search strategies, and assist you throughout your search process. We will also keep your profile in our “actively searching” file and, with your permission, provide it to search teams who request it.

If you are a pastor seeking a call, contact Molly Towne at

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Are you part of the classis that is supervising a church with a pastoral vacancy?

We also have resources for classis supervisors who are helping a church through a pastoral transition. Find videos and a workbook here.