A child from Mthumbula village in Malawi

Many people associate Africa with war, violence, drought, famine, and a raging AIDS epidemic. The people of Africa have suffered a great deal. Since the 1980s life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa has declined 20 years due to HIV/AIDS. Infant mortality has increased dramatically. The 23 poorest countries of the world are all in Africa. Causes of the physical suffering include decades of slave trade, colonialism, corrupt post-independence regimes, droughts, the AIDS epidemic, and the debt crisis. Addressing these problems is extremely complex.

But what the secular media usually fails to report is the good news of Africa. In the midst of all the pain and suffering, there are amazing stories of faith and hope, resiliency and redemption that are unmatched anywhere. The spread of Christianity in Africa is unparalleled. It is estimated that in 2000 there were 380 million Christians in Africa, compared to 25 million in the 1950s.

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Roger & Sue Scheenstra

The Scheenstras work with a semi-nomadic people who pasture their herds in a desert region of eastern Africa. This ethnic group, which is 99 percent Muslim, has very limited access to health, agricultural, and educational services; many suffer periodically from malnourishment, illiteracy, and high childhood mortality. Though the physical needs are great, their spiritual needs are even greater, since most of this people group have not understood or received the gospel.