From the General Secretary

Eddy Alemán didn’t expect God to call him to serve as general secretary of a denomination with historic Dutch roots in North America.

Don Poest reflects on what it means to live a life of discipleship.

“Accidental” encounters are often the work of God’s sovereign hand. How can we pay attention and join in?

Interim general secretary Don Poest wants to make your job easier, whatever your church context.

Tom De Vries offers some parting thoughts on unity and the gospel in his final column as general secretary.

General Secretary Tom De Vries invites readers to ponder their spiritual leaders.

Tom De Vries urges the RCA to commit to loving each other and being united in mission.

General secretary Tom De Vries looks to Jesus for a biblical definition of discipleship. 

General secretary Tom De Vries reflects on having the vision and passion to reach people for Jesus Christ. 

All it takes is one defining moment for a young leader to grow and guide the next generation of the church.