The Latest: Spring 2016

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Updates on Transformed & Transforming

Dive deeper into global mission

Over the years, RCA members and churches have said they want deeper engagement with our mission coworkers and partners. Global Mission has listened and is excited to present a new way to engage in mission: strategic impact areas. Each strategic impact area is true to the hallmarks of RCA Global Mission—holistic ministry with local partners—while also including on-site volunteer opportunities and a concentration of resources to bring transformation in a shorter amount of time. Networks of churches and individuals partner with these areas to make a difference in their ministries. The strategic impact areas will help to transform communities around the globe. They will also transform you as you strive to live and love like Jesus. Keep your eyes peeled for more information at General Synod!

From accessibility to advocacy

Whether or not your church building is equipped with ramps and automatic doors, if you want to increase your capacity to be hospitable to people with disabilities, you’re in luck! In April, two RCA churches in New Jersey hosted disability advocacy events, and you can do the same. At these events, pastors and church members gained tools to advocate for people with disabilities in their communities. They learned about successful disability advocacy in other congregations and explored ways to implement changes in their own contexts. If you or your church is interested in hosting a similar event, please contact Terry DeYoung, coordinator for Disability Concerns, at or 616-541-0855, or Earl James, coordinator of congregational Missional Mosaic and advocacy, at or 616-916-8077.

Wondering how to help refugees?

The global refugee crisis can feel overwhelming. To help you figure out how to take action, the RCA hosted two webinars in April and early May and posted the recordings online. The first addressed why Christians are called to care for refugees. The second gave practical ideas for getting involved. To find further resources and a recording of the event, visit June 20 is World Refugee Day. Consider helping your church by learning all you can about refugees and encouraging your church to support them! For more information, contact Earl James, coordinator of congregational Missional Mosaic and advocacy, at or 616-916-8077, or Megan Hodgin, coordinator for congregational mission engagement, at or 616-541-0838.

How will you be transformed?

So you’ve heard a lot about Transformed & Transforming. And you’ve read stories about how God is transforming other people. But you’re still wondering how you and your church fit into it. If that sounds like you, hop online to Take a quiz to find out how you and your church can get involved in the ways that fit you best, depending on your passion and values. When you’ve finished the quiz, the initiative leader for the suggested area of involvement will contact you to get you connected.

Follow General Synod

Just because you can’t come to General Synod doesn’t mean you can’t follow along. See what’s happening while the delegates meet in Palos Heights, Illinois, from June 9 to 14. Get regular updates at, on Facebook , or on Twitter (@rcaonline). Listen to a daily recorded news message by calling 800-968-6063. You can even watch plenary sessions live online. During synod, check for a schedule and link to the live stream.

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