An RCA media channel and a paper on postmodernism are on the way, at the request of president James Nakakihara and affirmed by General Synod 2019.

Classes should be formed with the intentionality of including all gifts in the body of Christ.

“You all—we all—have made this a very, very different General Synod.” —Christa Mooi, Vision 2020 Team member


Sundays at General Synod are quieter days.

A new funding method, a celebration of Transformed & Transforming, and another look at the Vision 2020 scenarios 

Delegates offered their feedback on the scenarios to the Vision 2020 Team

The Commission on Theology was asked to review the catechism by General Synod 2018.

The alternative-funding committe brought a new, percentage-based method of denomination funding before synod. It passed and will replace the current per-member method.

Synod urges action to reduce fossil fuel consumption and asks the Commission on Christian Action to study climate change.

Vision 2020, president's report, and learning about listening prayer