Year of Discernment for Transformed and Transforming

Date Posted: 
Thursday, October 2, 2014

By Dale Assink

The Regional Synod of the Heartland is serious about Transformed and Transforming. Each regional, congregational, classical, and church leader is being encouraged to consider how the Lord is leading them to implement T and T.

It is an exciting time of discovery as we work together, asking how God wants to do his work in our region. This effort calls for all of us as church, classis, and regional leaders to be involved in the exploring and engaging processes in order to focus on the local church.

Our desire is for each church and classis to know how God is calling them to implement T and T while determining what resourcing they need. Everything will center around assisting our churches to be healthy, missional, kingdom ministries.

Discussion guides have been supplied to all churches and and classes. Each church and classis has been asked to reassess their way of doing ministry according to the vision God gives them. The classis will then determine how to best support each church so that its members can be faithful to that call God places within them.

After the churches and classes do their discernment, classis executive teams will gather to share results from their churches/classis as well as to network about how ministry can be more effective. Regional leaders will listen to know how they can best assist classes in providing the best resourcing to the churches and church leaders.

Transformed and Transforming is providing a foundation for the Heartland to reassess how regional ministry is done. Involving all church, classis, and regional leaders in this discernment process is the key. The regional synod is positioned and committed to listen to the needs and visions of their churches and classes before setting future direction.

Dale Assink is Transformed and Transforming coordinator for the Synod of the Heartland.

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