General Synod 2018: Resources

How Your Church Can Respond to General Synod 2018 Recommendations

General Synod is jam packed with business, and it can be tricky to keep track of everything, especially resources that can help you and your church learn more or take action in response to General Synod.

Here we’ve collected a list of some of the statements, videos, and recommendations that you might want to share with your congregation:

Season your speech with salt

Speaking Christian” is a tool for discussion and reflection to ensure that speech is gracious, seasoned with salt, and respectful of all people. It is accompanied by discussion questions for use in church settings.

Is human sexuality a good thing or not?

That’s the first question of the Great Lakes Catechism on Marriage and Sexuality, a set of questions and answers modeled on the Heidelberg Catechism. Its goal is to provide biblical answers to common questions about marriage and singleness, sexual union, and same-sex sexual activity. Written by Branson Parler, the catechism was commended by General Synod to be distributed and studied throughout the RCA.

Speak up about violence against women and girls

Earlier this year, the RCA put forward a statement, We Are Speaking, calling the church to end harassment, abuse, and sexual violence against women and girls. More than 800 people have added their names in support. Your church may also want to take additional steps in response

Get involved in immigration reform

The Commission on Christian Action urged congregations to encourage their local politicians to enact legislation that supports immigration reform. You can find resources for taking action at the end of the commission’s report

Why aren’t deacons at synod?

This isn’t the first time the RCA has asked why only elders and ministers are represented at General Synod. The Commission on Theology wrote a paper, explaining that the role of the offices of elders and ministers is one of guidance and governance, which overlaps with the role of the assembly of General Synod. The role of deacons is one of service and outreach. Read the full paper.

Check out these resources for restorative justice

They were recommended for churches by the Commission on Christian Action. 

Celebrate God at work in and through the RCA

If you saw the videos of ministry throughout the RCA and want to share them with your church, you can find them below.

Synod News

RCA and CRC Delegates Discuss Closer Partnership

The delegates discussed four different ways the two denominations could work together

James Nakakihara Elected Next General Synod President

Nakakihara is an elder at Rancho Community Reformed Church


General Synod Supports DACA and Immigration Reform

Delegates direct the general secretary to write a letter to the U.S. president on the topic

United in Worship, United in Mission

On June 10, the synods of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) and the Reformed Church in America (RCA) gathered for worship in the DeVos Center for Arts and Worship at Grand Rapids  Christian High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

General Synod Affirms #wearespeaking Statement, Recommends Creation of Sexual Harassment Training and Policies

General Synod approved a recommendation to affirm the RCA’s #wearespeaking statement, which calls for an end to harassment, abuse, and sexual violence against women and girls.