Support the understanding and practice of baptism.

Resources designed for RCA churches, including the RCA logo, crest, and Transformed & Transforming logo. Others include Baptism, Membership certificates and forms, calendars, and more.

RCA-Basics - Baptism - Elders - Deacons - Membership

An explanation of the two sacraments: baptism and communion.

Worship - Communion - Baptism - RCA-Basics

An explanation of baptism in the RCA.

Worship - Baptism

Two videos and a companion study guide present a Reformed understanding of the sacraments along with questions for reflection and discussion.

Worship - Communion - Baptism

Article 34 of the Belgic Confession.


Article 33 of the Belgic Confession.

Baptism - Communion

Questions on baptism from Part 2 of the Heidelberg Catechism (Q&A 69-74).