Engage the RCA’s church order, which provides a way for the people of the RCA to live and work together.

Resources to help your church develop safe church policies and processes. 


How could your church’s ministry be enhanced if your elders and deacons were trained to be active

서 문 / 서 론 (Preface/Introduction):

Reflect on the church's role in caring for the stranger using these excerpts from our creeds and confessions.

God of the exiles,

This three-part video series explores what it means for Reformed Christians to read and interpret the Bible as Scripture, as the Word of God. A small-group discussion guide is also available.

All RCA churches are invited to partake in a special Thanksgiving offering this year to feed children around the world. Here you’ll find everything you need to promote this offering in your church.

Although disagreement within the Reformed Church in America is painful, it’s not new.

In the spirit of the Psalms, these things we lament: