Criteria for the Commissioned Pastor

There are ten areas which together comprise the criteria for the Commissioned Pastor. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

1. Maturity of faith
Demonstrate a mature personal faith in the Triune God

2. Personal integrity and call
Demonstrate a life worthy of the gospel, a sense of call to be a Commissioned Pastor, an understanding of that ministry in the Reformed tradition, and a commitment to its responsibilities.

3. Understanding of the Old and New Testaments and biblical interpretation
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Scripture, commitment to its authority as the Word of God, and insight in its interpretation.

4. Reformed theology and tradition
Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of and commitment to Reformed doctrine, government and worship.

5. Church history
Demonstrate a working knowledge of the history and teachings of the Christian church, including her government and worship.

6. Knowledge of and adherence to the Constitution of the Reformed Church in America (the Government, the Standards and the Liturgy)
Demonstrate a functional understanding and adherence to the government, Standards, and liturgy of the Reformed Church in America.

7. Nature and administration of the sacraments
Demonstrate understanding and skill for the administration of the sacraments that is theologically Reformed and contextually relevant.

8. Ability to preach
Demonstrate understanding and skill to lead worship and preach the gospel.

9. Capability to minister within the church
Demonstrate the understanding and skill required to lead the people of God in faithfulness to their mission, including the areas of discipleship, evangelism, and leadership.

10. Understanding of and adherence to pastoral ethics and practices
Demonstrate understanding, skill and compassion in caring for persons and congregations.