Disability Awareness Sunday Resources

What’s Disability Awareness Sunday?

Become a place of belonging for everyone. Help people discover their gifts and use them in ministry. These are the goals of Disability Awareness Sunday. By observing Disability Awareness Sunday in your congregation, you take another step toward becoming a place where everybody belongs and everybody serves.

2019 Focus: Disability Advocacy

Get tools to plan a service that emphasizes God’s wide, welcoming love for all people—including people with disabilities. Or plan a series of services.

We encourage churches to celebrate Disability Awareness Sunday on the second Sunday in October, but any other time is great too. We have brief videos that will work well for Disability Week worship services and other events. 

Worship Resources

Disability Concerns has an announcement slide that can be displayed during worship services. Please use these on October 13, 2019, or whenever your congregation marks Disability Awareness Sunday.

These slides are downloadable as a PDF in various sizes:

These images are downloadable and suitable for projection:

You can also download a PDF version of the bulletin insert to print for your bulletins.

This year, Disability Concerns is highlighting the important role of advocacy and advocates.

Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, to join Jesus’s followers forever. Advocates are not caregivers, though many caregivers are advocates. Advocates are not cheerleaders, though many are encouragers who also challenge negative attitudes. Advocates come alongside to champion, advise, and bear witness to the coming reality of God’s kingdom where everybody belongs and everybody serves.

People with disabilities need space to advocate for themselves. Because many people with disabilities and their families spend their lives advocating, they need other people to join them. Such support is life giving and reduces the isolation that many advocates and people with disabilities feel. Michèle, Gerry and Laura, and Kyle share how advocacy shapes their communities and their discipleship efforts.

Questions? Email disability@rca.org.  We'd love to help your church participate!

In addition, we have a variety of worship resources to help you plan a service or series of services that emphasize God’s wide, welcoming love for all people including people, with various disabilities. Check out specific types of resources: