Liturgies approved or commended by the General Synod for use in RCA congregations.

서 문 / 서 론 (Preface/Introduction):

Worship - Liturgy - Korean

The liturgical calendar follows the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Liturgy - RCA-Basics - Worship

Resources for RCA pastors and congregations related to Transformed & Transforming.

Worship - Transformed-Transforming - Prayer - Litany - Liturgy - Devotionals - Discipleship

These liturgies were commended to RCA congregations by General Synod 2009.

Worship - Liturgy

Adoremos al Señor en español.

Worship - Liturgy - Spanish

Introduction to the full liturgy and confessions of the RCA.

Worship - Liturgy

The full Directory for Worship, which functions as an instructional appendix to the Liturgy.

Worship - Liturgy