Topical prayers for use in worship services, and answers to some common questions about prayer.

God of the exiles,

Prayer - Refugees

Lord, we are bewildered.


A Prayer for the Enjoyment of Creation



This worship experience is designed to be held outside. It is a meditative walk based on Psalm 23. Worshipers may experience the walk in groups or by themselves. 

Spiritual-Formation - Communion - Worship - Prayer

Prayer - Spiritual-Formation - Faith-Formation

Resources for RCA pastors and congregations related to Transformed & Transforming.

Worship - Transformed-Transforming - Prayer - Litany - Liturgy - Devotionals - Discipleship

Four versions of The Lord's Prayer—from Scripture and from the Liturgy of the Reformed Church in America.

Worship - Prayer

Several models suggesting how Christians can grow in their practice of prayer.

Discipleship - Prayer
A prayer newsletter from the RCA's general secretary, Eddy Alemán.
Leadership - Prayer

Various prayers drawn from themes in the Belhar Confession.

Creeds-Confessions - Worship - Prayer