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Additional Resources

  • The RCA is partnering with ECFA to provide ChurchEXCEL, free resources on church finance, governance, and gift administration.
  • Online Stewardship Survey for Churches (; cost: $7 per respondent; $300 plus travel costs for consultation)
  • Spiritual Gifts Inventory, by Larry Gilbert (Team Ministry)
  • Grace Period (; an alternative to high interest payday loans) Can your church start a similar program in your neighborhood?

Barnabas Foundation

The RCA is a member of the Barnabas Foundation. This membership gives RCA churches and organizations access to quality stewardship education resources, development programs and, from time to time, church conferences and events.

The Barnabas Foundation approaches its work with churches from a Christian perspective based on two key principles:

  • Stewardship is a way of life.
  • Living generously is an expression of God's love.

Stewardship of our resources recognizes and reflects God's ownership of all things. Since stewardship development and education is a core value of the Barnabas Foundation, they serve as a catalyst for churches to develop good stewards based on God's ownership of everything, our role as his managers, and our desire to use all the gifts he has given us to honor him.

Generosity Strategies & Tactics

Generosity Strategies & Tactics is an ongoing series of articles and podcast episodes to equip pastors and church leaders to create cultures of generosity in their congregations.