What are deacons called to do?

Deacons play a key role in moving their churches into missions of justice, mercy, and compassion. They organize soup kitchens, lead work groups to repair homes for elderly people or clean up a local stream, and minister to patients dying of AIDS.

The Greek word in the Bible for deacon, diakonos, means servant. Jesus provided the ultimate role model for servanthood. Throughout his ministry he reminded his followers in word and deed that he was among them as one who serves.

Six areas of concern to deacons:

  • Stewardship education and congregational giving
  • Special individual and family concerns
  • Mission involvement
  • Disaster response and volunteer service opportunities
  • Hunger advocacy and relief efforts
  • Caring for creation and simple living

Resources for deacons:

  • What's a Deacon to Do? This 13-minute video (below) shows Reformed Church deacons reviewing the six areas of diaconal concern.
  • The Ministry of the Deacon: This booklet is intended to help deacons become better prepared for their responsibilities within their local congregations as leaders in ministries of mercy, service and outreach. The author helps prompt a transformation in the image of a deacon from one who only collects, counts, and maintains to one who also leads the congregation to joyfully serve the Lord in a variety of ways. Available in English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.
  • Purposeful Living Handbook: Use this structured and Scripture-based process on your own or as a consistory to discern how God is calling you to fulfill your purpose as a deacon. Learn more about the process and download the handbook free here.


What's a Deacon to Do?
What's a Deacon to Do?