What is the RCA's mission in the world?

The following principles guide RCA Global Mission:

We will seek to disciple all nations in the way of Christ according to mission principles that have guided the Reformed Church in its fruitful history of mission service.

We seek to be holistic. We are known as an evangelical church, a people who preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We understand evangelism as word and deed. Holistic mission calls for repentance and forgiveness for those who have sinned and justice for those who have been sinned against. It addresses all facets of life, since Jesus is Lord and Creator of all (Matthew 25:31-46).

We work with mission partners. We are committed to working whenever possible with partner churches and mission agencies within the context of ecumenical relationships, affirming the primary responsibility of the local church to set the agenda and invite the participation of the global church. Partnerships necessitate mutual praying and planning. They also witness to the unity of the church in the world (John 15:34-35).

We make long-term commitments. We believe that effective cross-cultural mission depends upon sensitive mastery of language, custom, and history in the context of genuine relationship. This itself is essential work of mission. It takes time. On a spiritual level, we reach out to make and baptize disciples, then stay long enough to teach the disciples to make and train other disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).

We believe mission is one. Mission is the one task of the whole church in the whole world. As populations shift and migrate, the church in every place is called to cross cultures and existing barriers, beginning with neighbors across the street and ending on the other side of the globe. Mission is done locally, regionally, and globally (Acts 1:8). And, when mission is one, it is reciprocal, marshaling our "traditional" resources of personnel and experience in mission to assist North American congregations in understanding the specific missiological challenges in our changing society.

We advocate for peace and work for justice and mercy. We dialogue with others to call upon rulers and civil authorities to heed the prophetic standards of the gospel. We advocate for peace in places of war and violence and seek justice and mercy for the poor, the oppressed, and those afflicted by natural disasters (Isaiah 58 and Micah 6:8).

We respect the faith and identity of the people we serve. Because we confess and witness to the truth that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, by which all must come to the Father (John 14:6), with love, humility, and sensitivity the Reformed Church will engage in ongoing in-depth encounters and dialogue with people of other faiths.

We are faithful stewards. We believe that the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all creation calls us to witness by our faithful stewardship of all that is placed in our care. God's mission includes sustaining the beauty and diversity of life on the planet and bringing justice to those who destroy God's creation (Genesis 1:26).