Statement of Investment Policy Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan and 403(b) Plan Investment Options

The Board of Benefits Services selects and monitors the investment options that are made available to you. You choose from those options the way in which you want to invest your money.

Fidelity Freedom Funds are the primary investment vehicle. The number of the Freedom Fund corresponds to the participant's anticipated year of retirement. The Freedom Funds are actively managed by investment professionals and become more conservative over time in an effort to limit volatility as the year of retirement approaches.

You may also build your own investment portfolio, choosing from among options that include socially responsible investment funds. Please refer to the investment options outlined in the documents available for download below. You can change your investment allocation and make exchanges among the investment options as often as you like.

In making your investment choice you should consider your age, the anticipated time until your retirement, your other assets, and your tolerance for risk.