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…other events. An announcement slide that can be displayed during worship services. Please use this on October 10, 2021, or whenever your congregation marks Disability Awareness Sunday. These images are also downloadable and suitable for projection: Disability Week Community.jpg Disability Week Everybody Belongs.jpg Disability Week Everybody Serves.jpg Disability Week Households.jpg Disability Week Indispensable.jpg In addition, we have a variety of…

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…has a ramp and accessible print materials—just two examples—so that everyone can participate. Utilizes responsive design, engaging with each person (with or without a disability) as an individual. Why have a disability advocate? Disabilities often keep people from participating fully in the church—sometimes a disability keeps someone from participating at all. A disability advocate helps your congregation welcome and include…

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…Together Inclusion Handbook Disability Awareness Sunday Resources Church Accessibility Audit Church Disability Policy Template Find a full list of helpful disability resources on the Network The Network is the Christian Reformed Church in North America’s (CRCNA) online communication platform. RCA and CRCNA Disability Concerns partner together to create Breaking Barriers, and the Network has a list of resources for Disability


Disability Advocate Makes Leadership Accessible Blog Post

…closer to the Twin Cities than to other RCA churches in Wisconsin.) She and Angie Kimmel, another regional disability advocate and a member of Peace Reformed Church in Eagan, Minnesota, advise the classis on steps to better welcome and empower people with disabilities. They also consult with RCA congregations in conjunction with Disability Concerns, a joint ministry of the RCA…

President Bush signed the ADA document

Churches Commemorate 30 Years of Disability Work Blog Post

…become a community of faith where everybody belongs and everybody serves by: 1) appointing a church disability advocate, 2) adopting a church disability policy, 3) conducting an accessibility audit, and 4) identifying several leaders to represent your church in the CRC-RCA Disability Concerns Leadership Training, hosted virtually on August 5–6. Eddy Alemán General Secretary, RCA Colin Watson Executive Director, CRCNA…

Disability Concerns Releases Expanded Inclusion Resource Book Blog Post

CRCNA and RCA Disability Concerns have a new offering for churches who want to be more hospitable toward people with disabilities and foster more inclusive ministry. Everybody Belongs, Serving Together is a handbook with insights, tips, and testimonies—stories from people with lived experience of disabilities—designed to help churches embrace people with disabilities as partners in ministry. The book is intended…

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Long Term Disability Insurance LTD Insurance is short for Long Term Disability Insurance. In the event that you become ill or injured and can no longer work for at least 180 days, LTD insurance will replace ⅔ of your income up to $5000 a month. When you face a serious illness or injury it can feel like everything else in…


Disability Outreach Program Becomes Church Blog Post

Friends to Friends Community Church makes a point to have as few barriers to worship as possible.  Joanne Van Sant didn’t set out to be the pastor of a church. She spent three decades in the nonprofit world, where she gained experience with disability issues after the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, before attending seminary. After graduating…


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…never hire a person with a disability. God sure proved that wrong. And now my whole life trajectory has changed. Now I actually want to be a pastor.   VOLUNTEER Congregational disability advocates like Kyle help churches become places where everybody belongs and everybody serves. For a position description, contact Terry DeYoung, coordinator for Disability Concerns, at tdeyoung@rca.org or 616-541-0855….


Hearing Again Blog Post

…any obstacle to prevent someone from encountering the Word of God.” Hoping to avoid a literal hole in the church roof but not knowing how to proceed, Cogswell contacted Terry DeYoung, the RCA’s coordinator for Disability Concerns, whom he had met at a connection event that DeYoung led on disability awareness. DeYoung had several suggestions, but one idea stood out….