Next Generation Missional Engagement Fund

Scholarships for Mission

The Next Generation Missional Engagement Fund helps make it possible for children, youth, and young adults to engage in Christ’s kingdom mission around the world. The fund supports scholarships for groups and individuals serving on domestic or international mission trips. These trips should engage volunteers in Christian service with a focus on spiritual transformation and long-term impact on the partner and community.

First Reformed Pompton Plains served in Belize. The team says, “We learned that spreading God’s love isn’t as complicated as we often make it out to be. Showing people respect, kindness, and mercy is really where it’s at.”

Who’s eligible?

Individual applicants must be:

  • age 25 or younger
  • a member or regular attendee at an RCA congregation

Group applicants must be:

  • age 25 or younger (either the whole mission group or some members of the group)
  • from an RCA congregation

Next Generation Missional Engagement Fund brochure



Apply for a Scholarship

Applications are available for both individuals and groups. Be sure to read all of the frequently asked questions before applying.

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