Support and ministry team coordinator for Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf

Kingston, Montego Bay, and Knockpatrick, Jamaica

The Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCCD) brings the gospel to the community of people in Jamaica who are deaf. CCCD teaches a language to children who are deaf and provides them with education, mentoring, and care. Its three communities scattered across the island give children from rural areas safe spaces to learn, live, and thrive.

Opportunity type: 
Volunteer opportunities: 

Support the campus manager, principal, assistant principal, and managing director for six months to one year. Responsibilities include leading, coordinating, and assisting with visiting ministry teams; facilities and grounds maintenance; and ministry development.

Essential job functions

  • Communicate with teams and Knockpatrick personnel to facilitate team activities, transportation, and hospitality.
  • Plan and manage ministry and work opportunities, including ordering and inventory control.
  • Evaluate and report on each team to Jamaican and U.S. offices.
  • Perform general maintenance, construction, and repairs of facilities and grounds as needed.
  • Organize and maintain tools, supplies, and equipment.
  • Develop ministry activities for teams in conjunction with the campus manager.

Other job functions

  • Assist the campus manager with regular duties and special projects.
  • Assist in classroom and after-school activities and projects.
  • Assist with vocational programs and projects as needed.

On-campus volunteer housing is provided. Housing is generally an apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedrooms to accommodate the volunteer(s), whether a single person, married couple, or family. When ministry teams are visiting, the volunteers should eat some or all meals with the team to build relationships. When there are no teams, the volunteer prepares most meals in his or her living quarters.


Cost notes: 

Once the volunteer is approved, CCCD staff will help him or her prepare a budget.

Free day suggestions: 

Volunteers can explore parts of the island.

  • Basic knowledge of sign language with willingness to learn more
  • Commitment to spiritual growth through regular devotions and prayer time
  • Attitude of love, compassion, mercy, discipline, and joy
  • Acceptance through the CCCD missionary process and corresponding sending organization (if sent through one)
  • Commitment to work in partnership with Jamaican staff and leadership, to show respect and honor, and to seek to understand.
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