Various Locations - Unmet Needs Assessment

Unmet Needs Assessment

World Renew DRS volunteers conduct community-wide surveys to identify the disaster-related needs (construction, household, emotional, and financial needs) of vulnerable residents who might otherwise fall through the cracks. This information is provided to the long-term recovery group. Case managers then use the information to ensure that assistance reaches the people who need it most.

Partner ministry: 
World Renew Disaster Response Services
Opportunity type: 
Disaster Response
Volunteer opportunities: 

Needs assessments can take place across North America and are generally conducted four to nine months after a disaster. They are not scheduled until a long-term recovery group requests the service.

Volunteer roles include:

  • Interviewers: Conduct 45-minute interviews with disaster survivors, either door to door at designated addresses with another volunteer or at a walk-in center.
  • Data entry: Enter the surveys into the database.

Lodging is generally in a motel, but can vary depending on location. Meals are provided or reimbursed.

Cost notes: 

Travel, lodging, and meals are provided or reimbursed for volunteers who serve for two-week assignments.

Age limitations: 
young adults (late teens to mid-20s)

18 years of age and up.

Contact information: 

Let Volunteer Engagement Program staff know you’re interested in needs assessment and you’ll receive alerts when these opportunities are available.

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