Building God's Church Together


Discover how to create a trusting and healthy ministry environment where men and women can serve together



God calls both men and women to serve in the church. Building God's Church Together is designed to help congregations and leaders create thriving ministry environments where both women and men are encouraged to embrace their gifts and develop healthy, flourishing ministry partnerships. This learning process was created by the Reformed Church in America's Women's Transformation and Leadership initiative and is open to lay leaders, elders and deacons, and pastors.


Building God's Church Together includes short-term and deeper-dive opportunities for congregations, leaders, and regional or classis groups:

  • Bible study
  • Curated resource list
  • "Taste and see" connection events
  • Learning communities
  • Mini leadership collaboratives

Four-Session Bible Study

This Bible study explores God's biblical vision for the relationship between men and women. Over the course of four sessions, you'll journey toward healthy, Christ-centered partnership between men and women in both ministry and life outside the church.

The Bible study can be used in congregations, small groups, and even individual devotional time. Enter your email below to receive a free downloadable copy of the Bible study and workbook, complete with suggested session outlines and room for note taking. You'll also receive a list of supplemental resources you can use to go deeper after you finish the Bible study. Hard copies are also available to RCA members for the cost of postage.

Hold a "taste and see" event in your area

We offer daylong "taste and see" events designed to start the conversation about Building God's Church Together. These interactive events generally include worship, Bible study, and workshops related to ministry partnership between women and men. Contact us if you'd like our help to organize one for local leaders, congregations, and faith-based organizations in your area. If you are interested in Building God's Church Together, but your church needs more context to discern if this is where the Spirit is leading you, a "taste and see" event is a great first step. Next steps can include forming a learning community, joining a mini leadership collaborative, or leading a group through the 4-session Bible study in your context.

Ready to go deeper?

  • Consider a learning community—a six to twelve month journey for congregations in a classis or region to explore Building God’s Church Together. The emphasis is on shifting culture within each congregation and creating healthy, lasting change. Led by trained facilitators and other faculty, learning communities are customizable and usually meet three or four times in person; all other meetings are virtual. Learning Communities are made up of five to seven congregations in regional proximity; each congregation has teams of four to six leaders.  
  • Join a mini leadership collaborative—a six-week virtual small group for pastors and ministry leaders seeking to engage the subject matter in an intentional way. The collaborative is composed of weekly gatherings led by trained facilitators (via Zoom video meetings) and peer coaching. Eight to twelve leaders form a cohort that meets virtually. These cohorts are not limited by geography, though some groups may choose to form after a regional connection event. 

For more information on these offerings and to explore how to bring this process to your community, contact Rev. Liz Testa, coordinator for RCA Women’s Transformation and Leadership, at

Meet the authors of Building God's Church Together

Meet two primary contributors to the Building God's Church Together learning process:

Dr. Rob Dixon lives in California with his wife and four children. He has spent more than two decades in campus ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. In addition, Rob holds a Doctor of Intercultural Studies degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, focused on the topic of flourishing mixed gender ministry partnerships. Learn more at his website.

Rev. April Fiet lives in the panhandle of Nebraska, with Jeff, her co-pastoring partner, and their two children. She has more than a decade of pastoral ministry experience and is a graduate of Western Theological Seminary. April is the author of this Bible study and the primary writer of the RCA’s We are Speaking statement. Learn more about her at her blog.