Building God's Church Together

How do we raise both/and leaders in an either/or world?

God calls both men and women to serve in the church. Discover how to create a trusting and healthy ministry environment where men and women can serve together. Building God’s Church Together is a process open to lay leaders, elders and deacons, and pastors.



Upcoming Events

Building God’s Church Together Learning Event
February 16, 2019
ReNew Community Church
Ames, Iowa

People throughout the Reformed Church in America have been exploring what it means for women and men to flourish in ministry...together! In partnership with the Classes of Central Iowa and Pleasant Prairie, we invite you to join us in Ames, Iowa, on Saturday, February 16, 2019, for this day-long workshop in a retreat-like setting. We will share the joys and challenges of partnering in ministry with someone of a different gender than you. Explore scripture, hear stories, identify your current realities, and imagine new pathways that can result in greater flourishing for women and men as they partner together in your ministry context. Local leaders will be joined by Dr. Rob Dixon, Rev. April Fiet, Ms. Lesley Mazzotta, and Rev. Liz Testa for an interactive, Spirit-led day of transformation and growth. Stay tuned for registration details coming soon.