A call to the church to end harassment, abuse, and sexual violence against women and girls

For far too long, stories of harassment, abuse, and sexual violence against women and girls have been marginalized, silenced, mocked, and ridiculed. And this has been no different in the church.

The #metoo and #churchtoo movements have given voice to these stories of pain and made clear their pervasiveness. The culture is finally shifting and in this powerful moment, silence is not an option for the church.  

We in the Reformed Church in America are ready to respond.

We are listening. We are speaking. And we are committed to taking action. 

God has called us for such a time as this, to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, urging us forward. 

Let's speak together. 

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There's a Woman in your Pew Who's Been Abused. Do You See Her?

Jackson Katz, Violence Against Women, It's a Men's Issue 

Preventing Sexual Abuse in the Church 

Resources for developing a church sexual harassment policy

We Are Speaking worship resources



Rev. Elizabeth Testa
Coordinator for Women's Transformation and Leadership
Reformed Church in America
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Pastor Eliza Cortés Bast
Coordinator for Local Missional Engagement
Reformed Church in America
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Rev. Don Poest
Interim General Secretary
Reformed Church in America

Rev. Dr. Jill Ver Steeg
Director of Transformational Engagement
Reformed Church in America

Rev. Eddy Alemán
Director of Strategic Leadership Development and Hispanic Ministries
Reformed Church in America

Jillisa Teitsma
Reformed Church in America

Rev. April Fiet
Co-pastor/We are Speaking lead writer

Lesley Mazzotta
Spiritual Director/Educational Consultant and Facilitator
Reformed Church in America
New York

Ken Eriks
Director of Special Projects
Reformed Church in America

Dr. Cornelis Kors
Executive Director
Ministerial Formation Certification Agency

Grace Ruiter
Reformed Church in America

Alina Coipel
Executive Assistant

Rev. Tony De La Rosa
Interim Classis Leader
Wisconsin Classis

Elder Lorraine M Parker
Administrative Assistant
RCA/Women’s Transformation and Leadership
New Jersey

Nancy Ellens
Executive Assistant
Reformed Church in America

Rev. Anna Jackson

Rev. Andrew Bossardet
Coordinator for equipping thriving congregations
Reformed Church in America 

Rev Stephanie Doeschot
Christ’s Church

Molly Towne
Reformed Church in America

Elder Robin Suydam
Six Mile Run Reformed Church

Rev. Stacey Duensing
Pastoral Resident of Discipleship
Lynnwood Reformed Church
New York

Arlene Walters-Waldorf
Retired Executive Director of RCWM
RCA Women’s Transformation and Leadership Team

Andrea DiPace
Reformed Church of Germantown

Eduardo Rodriguez
Church Multiplication Operations Manager

Rev. Dr. Patricia Sealy
Mott Haven Reformed Church/Commission on Christian Action
New York

Rev. Scott DeLeeuw
Ekklesia Church Oceanside

Pastor Jill Fenske
Franklin Reformed Church
New Jersey

Elder Sharon Palms
GSC Member

Rev. Sophie Mathonnet-VanderWell
Second Reformed Church

Rev. Marla Rotman
Upper Room Community

Elder James Kuplic
First Reformed Church

Rev. Dr. Rick DeBruyne
Lincoln Avenue Community Reformed Church

Rev. Jeffrey Fiet
First Presbyterian Church

Clare VanDis
GSC Member
Synod of the Heartland/Westview Church

Rev. Susan Hetrick
The Oasis Renewal Center

Elder Irma Williams
DeWitt Reformed Church
New York, New York

Pastor Lauralyn Vasquez
Rancho Community Church

Chris Godfredsen
East & West Sioux Classis Leader

Pastor Tim Rotman
Peace Reformed Church

Rev. Gary DeWitt
Minister of Word and Sacrament
General Synod Council member

Rev. Timothy Breen
Lead Pastor
First Refomed Church

Rev. Judy Nelson

Rev. Lindsey Rhodes
Local mission program specialist
Reformed Church in America (RCA)

Rev. Dr. Denise Kingdom Grier
Maple Avenue Ministries

Rev. Jane Brown
Reformed Church in America

Rev. Dr. Micheal Edwards
Senior Minister
DeWitt Reformed Church
New York

Rev. Amy Nyland
Executive Minister
Regional Synod of New York
New York

Dr. Micah McCreary
New Brunswick Theological Seminary
New Jersey

Monica Schaap Pierce
Ecumenical Associate
Reformed Church in America

Reverend Donna Field
Reformed Church in America
New York

Pastor Annalise Radcliffe
City Chapel

Rev. Blaine Crawford
Minister of Word and Sacrament
Church on the Hill

Rev. Maudelin Willock
Reformed Church in America

Rev. Terry DeYoung
Coordinator for Disability Concerns
Reformed Church in America

Dr. Beth Tanner
Acting Dean
New Brunswick Theological Seminary
New Jersey

Pastor David Landegent
First Reformed Church

Amanda Bruehl
Regional coordinator for development
Reformed Church in America

Rev. Ock Kee Byun
Ordained minister
Steinway Reformed Church

Reverend Diane Schrotenboer
First Reformed Church
Holland, MI

Pastor Pamela Otten
Renew Ministries

Rev. James Brumm
Director of the Reformed Church Center
New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Dr. Carol Bechtel
Professor of Old Testament/General Synod Professor
Western Theological Seminary/Reformed Church in America

Rev. Debra Rensink
Whispers of Love, Hope, and Joy

Dr. Kyle J.A. Small
Dean of Formation for Ministry
Western Theological Seminary

Dr. Timothy Brown
President and Henry Bast Professor of Preaching
Western Theological Seminary

Rev. Kelvin Spooner
Associate Minister
Dewitt Reformed Church
New York

Rayetta Perez
Director of Administration and Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator
Western Theological Seminary

Rev. Mike Hayes
Church Multiplication Catalyst
Reformed Church in America
Elder Emra Seawood
Member, Commission on Christian Action

Erika Spykman

Missy Dokter
First Reformed Church
Orange City, Iowa

Rob Dixon
Fuller Theological Seminary

Rev. Marijke Strong
Executive Secretary, Regional Synod of Canada
Reformed Church in America

Elder Maribel Romero
Iglesia Lincoln Ave.

Reverend Jewel Willis Thomas
Faith Community Reformed Church

Stephanie Soderstrom
Coordinator for Volunteer Engagement
Reformed Church in America

Michele Quick
Development Operations Manager
Reformed Church in America

Rev. Dr. Tom Smith
RSH Ministry Coordinator
Regional Synod of the Heartland

Rev. John Messer
Regional Executive
Regional Synod of the Great Lakes

Rev. Stephen Eckert
South Branch Reformed Church

Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Second Reformed Church
Hackensack, NJ

Rev. Cora Taitt
Senior Pastor
Highbridge Community Church

Rev. Cindi Veldheer DeYoung
General Synod Council
Reformed Church in America

Laura DeVries
BlueGate Group, LLC

Dr. Alvin Padilla
Academic Dean and VP Academic Affairs
Western Theological Seminary

Dean Joan Marshall
Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator
New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Rev. Ricardo Gouvea
New Hope Reformed Church

Rev. Abby Norton-Levering
Ministries Coordinator
Regional Synod of Albany
Schenectady NY

Pastor Israel Camacho
Church Planter / WTL
Iglesia Nueva Esperanza
Mesa AZ

Initial signatories are members of GSC staff, Women’s Transformation and Leadership and Local Missional Engagement guiding coalitions, regional synod executives, RCA seminary leadership, GSC, Commissions on Christian Action and for Women, and the statement’s review team.

This list shows the full diversity of the signatories who signed in the first week—where they come from and what they do in their churches.

Toni Macon
Linda Gold
Alvin Joaquín Figueroa
Nathan Busker
Marilyn Paarlberg
Peter and Patty Ford
Barbara Spooner
Marte Samuelstuen
Elizabeth Hance
Debora Pierce
Jeffrey Hubers
Lisa Vander Wal
Bill Flavin
Eva Prine
lynn min
Todd Buurstra
Jack Droppers
Cedric Nelms
E.J. Emerson
Karen Jackson
Liz Brand
Edie Lenz
Nancy Ryan
Tim Ehrhardt
Matthew Floding
TJ South
Sharon R. Smith
Sarah Palsma
Ronald Radcliffe
Jonathan Elgersma
Matthew van Maastricht
Julie Myers
Kate Meyer
Jim Keat
James Goldschmeding
Andy Kadzban
Chad Farrand
Nancy Green
Vernon McNear
Darwin VanderWal
Abby Norton-Levering
Edward Seely
Sara Appleyard-Pekich
Carol Westphal
Ginger Johnson
Nathan Pyle
Thomas J. Henion Jr
Ashley Easter
Mark Starr
Robert Mitchell
Lois Maassen
Lisa Bontemps
Ben Post
Candy Pierce
Jeffrey Petersen
Noah Livingston
Paul Wesselink
Peter Watts
John David Punch
Stephen Dambra
Elaine Clark
Greg Brower
Sally Vis
Bruce Cornwell
Joan Werbel
Jon Garbison
Heidi Denman McDougall
Brett Vander Berg
Claudette Reid
Catherine Jurgens
Edward Bullis
Linda Lachesnez
Joyce de Velder
Joshua Vis
Marey Bailey
Tom Stark
Rodney Haveman
Kevin Yurk
Jenni Yeske
Lyle Zumdahl
Lillian Esposito
Jacqueline Lewis
Dustyn Keepers
Joanne Ebersbach
Willa Brown
Cory Grimm
Martha Cortes-Simons
Kim Pavlovich
Quinn Tirrel
Marilyn Hoffs
Tricia Sheffield
Justin Karmann
Damaris Albuquerque
Nancy Landrigan
Tusaret Elvi
Wendell Karsen
Ellen Vellenga
Nancy L Gessner
Gordon A. Govens
Mark Ennis
Bernita Babb
Sarah Van Zetten Bruins
William Peake
Karsten Voskuil
Harold Vogelaar
Amory Jewett
Dave Hill
Daniel Carlson
Robert Van Voorst
Michael Hardeman
Shirley Barber
Chad De Jager
Samuel Clover
Kristen Gray
Regina Reid
Theda Williams
Ruth Wilson
Joanne Sizoo
Christina Tazelaar
Bill Te Winkle
Antonio Aquino
Kelly Kotch
John Brogan
Gail Cherry
Jordan Vermeer
Drew Peterson
Chuck DeGroat
Marlice Dugas
Barbara Ceresnak
Larissa Romero
Elizabeth Carroll
Shari Brink
Kathleen Martinchek
Steve Norden
Larry Schuyler
Michael Meyer-Veen
John Armstrong
David Wulkan
Robert Hitchcock
Herman Harmelink
Edward Bates
Eric Titus
Joel Plantinga
David Dethmers
Deborah Zuill
Susan Olthof
Jake Marvel
Nathan DeWard
Travis West
Noreen Fargione
Norman J. Kansfield
Douglas Shepler
Melissa Boersma
Albert Terry
Jordan Warntjes
Mark Poppen
Daniel DeVries
Suzanne Hodges
Thomas Boogaart
Gretchen Rumohr-Voskuil
Deirdre Johnston
Kay Grosch
Joslyn Stock
Susan Kerr
Joyce VanDyk
Louis Ford
Niccie Kliegl
Joyce VanDyk
Gordon DePree
Carlos Peña
Shelia Johnson
Laura Osborne
Andrea DeWard
Kathleen Smedley
Roger Grandia
Bill White
Marchiene Rienstra
Philip Doeschot
Lynn Japinga
Susanna Hawkins
Nancy Cooper
Jayne Yonkman
Nick Licata
Marcus Roskamp
Patrick Blanchard
Morgan Lambert
Christine Green
Paul Janssen
stan seagren
Bradley Norden
Michelle Chahine
Bill Roozeboom
Jordan Hall
Suzanne McDonald
Gerri Yoshida
Jeanette Faust
Eric Schrotenboer
Kate Davelaar Guthrie
Phillip Hitt
Richard Welscott
Barbara Ceresnak
Norma Ash
Janelle Koolhaas
Lisa Kofoed
Sharon Blanksma
Leanne Boylan
Jacqueline McLeod
Kathie Van Hoven
Fred Harrell
Adam Pryce
Cristina Sampson
Adrienne Jackson
James Brownson
Frances Nelson
Cheryl Miller
Mark Veldt
Chelsea Lampen
Heather Fieten
Selena M Johnson-Turner
Scot Sherman
Nancy Hoerner
Christopher Jacobsen
Phyllis Lake
Bianca Williams
Randal Lubbers
Pamela Pater-Ennis
Ron Rienstra
Bill Hanousek
Carolyn Jones
Leah Dunlap-Ennis
Bonnie Nicholas
Peggy Byland
James Poit
Ken Neevel
Nancy Claus
John Jackman
Crystal Ratering
Daniel Ennis
Sarah McAnally
Jane Schuyler
Edward Schreur
Robert Murphy
Benjamin Brooks
Gloria McCanna
Carolyn Harrison
Marcelle Doll
Ann Rost
Kenneth Bradsell
Jonathon Brown
EJ Bast
Una Ratmeyer
Mary Strawsma
Nancy Begin
Katherine Gotshall English
Carol O'Neill
Mikael Avequin
Joyce Magee
Olga Shaffer
Randy Weener
David Stubbs
Wanzette Bilbrew
Erica Dollaway
Arlene R Wilhelm
Michelle Ledesma Baer
Norma Coleman-James
Nina Proschel
Josh Johnson
Stacey Bump
Melanie Vlietstra-Kilgore
Carole Shipman
Ted Ault
Aaron Westhouse
Joyce Sikkema
Aaron Kuecker
Cary Winn
Sheila Bennett
Lynette Brander
Wanda Ashbrook
Vivian Campbell
Madeline Fuente
Anne Hoganson
Sara Sutter
John Hubers
Lisa Hansen-Tice
Richard Brihn
Sasha Strouse
Sierra White
Meghan Vanderlee
Lynda Laird
Mark Mast
Devin White
April Stierman
Verlyn Hemmen
Julia Nuesch
Laura B Sinclair
Jackie Smallbones
Linda Miles
Anita Bateman
Lee ann Newland
Robert Laning
Emily Alvarez
Josh Baron
Deborah McCreary
Tony Vis
Gregg Mast
Susan Kramer-Mills
Janet Meyer Vincent
Mary Strawsma
Jill Engliah
Elizabeth Mahowald
Miriam Bush
JJ TenClay
DeAnna Blue
Dianne Galashaw
peggiann nuccio
Sheila Bauer
Gretchen Schoon Tanis
Sherri Meyer-Veen
Miriam Barnes
Caleb Schut
Susan Morse-Poynter
Gloria Norton
Matt Shults
Joan Fekete
Josh Harrington
Joe Graham
Debi Jensen
Lannette Zylman-TenHave
Stephen Murphy
Jennifer Lucking
Jennifer Desrochers
Bob McAndrews
Lara McClintock
Kathy Jo Blaske
Franco Juricic
Nicole MacLean
Christine Bingham
Ben Aguilera
Rebecca Boogaart-Cooper
Joanne Fernandez
Susan Converse
Mark Poyner
Paige Douglas
Sigried Janzen
Caryn Baham
Debra Rossi
Jonathan Gabhart
Wendy Jager
Aaron Vis
Katlyn DeVries
Sara Rojas
Anita Manuele
David Izenbart
Susan Davis
Judy Bos
David Groeneveld
Robert Hoeksema
Patricia Johnson
Calandra Nevenzel
Lori Walber
Christopher Heitkamp
Doug Tensen
Shawn Gerbers
Thomas Elenbaas
Troy Nanninga
Taylor Holbrook
Mike Gafa
Dawn Alpaugh
Romaine Singleton
Daniel Bechtel-Unekis
Bethany Schenkel
Tracy Shelley
Linda Garrison
Julie VanDerVeen Van Til
Mark Vellinga
Thomas Bartha
Roger Punt
Ron Ruvo
Raymond Tilstra
Miguel Alanis
Esther McKeown
Jacqueline Baker
Bob Bouwer
Rachel Reinink
Bruce Laverman
Lynn Hanousek
Henry Mikhail
Daniel Carter
Eric Barnes
George Saylor
Robert Fretz
Audrey VanderSchans
Jody Dekker
Douglas Van Aartsen
Jenny Calhoun
Amy Andress
Lawrence Dove
Janelle DeBlaay
Charlesw Webster
Karla Weemhoff
Benjamin J Videtich
Joy Meyer
Paul Boice
Arlyce Schiebout
Benjamin Bruins
Mia Diaz
Michael Molenaar
Abram Blaak
Rev. Sharon Atkins
Jeff McIlrath
Dann Stouten
MarybKay Schoon
Kendra VanHouten
Jacob Van Steenwyk
William Appleyard-Pekich
Kevin Pike
Scott Engelsman
Sarah McAnally
Jessica Shults
Karen Bogerd
June Veldheer
Earl Laman
Carol Faas
Susan Alice Mufson
Tricia Leistra
Michelle Gross
Kara Lepley
Mike Altena
Daniel DeVries
Ryan Dokter
Becky Bierma
Sarah Branion
Teresa Dekker
Charlene Bos Alexander
Karen Thomas
Frances Katrishen
Marcia Bosma
Daniel Meeter
Winona "Nona" Hodder
Emily Hauck
Megan Hodgin
Helen Phillips
Marg Mowczko
David Alexander
Dale Buettner
Valerie Stokes
Carol Bogerd
Ryan Landt
Savannah Clapper
Jan Couwenhoven
Jonathan Brownson
John Compton
Cindy Bowker
James Steward
Tom Grabill
Sofia Licata
Jean Lemmenes
Chris Meester
Chris Currie
Marcy Rudins
Tom Schwanda
Greg Alderman
Lindsay Bona
Nancy Brown
Cheri Honderd
Jennifer Kroll
David Vandervelde
Esther VandeBunte
Hattie Mitchell
Megan Razenberg
Carol Ann Bailey
Sebastian Cortez
Jan Koopman
Bryant Brozik
Harold Vogelaar
Dolores Wagoner
Tammi Van Drunen
Albert Vander Meer
Mike Lamson
Laura Tarbous
Ted VandeBerg Jr.
Aubrey Mollinedo
Adam Bailon
Mark Waterstone
Jodi MacLean
Karl Overbeek
Shari Kastein
Kristin Borgman
Rob Teitsma
Tina Henry
Michael Chung
Kayla Fik
Dawn Muller
Scott Treadway
Lauralyn Vasquez
Susan Scheenstra
Dan Gausepohl
Robert Johnson
Jean LeMahieu
Marilyn Correa
Cheree Howe
Sandra Beresford
Kitt Jackson
Maggie Wellert
Doug Kiel
Deborah Convery
Lisa VanLonkhuyzen
Sharon Palma
Marcia West
Kathleen Donovan-Snavely
Janice Melichar-Utter
Kathleen Edwards Chase
Bev Murrill
Gordon Sikkenga
Beth Bengtson
Marcia Staum
Renee House
Steve Salomon
Ryan Beaver
Alex McLean
Don Liversage
Doug Smith
kristi clinton
Rebecca Town
Scott Brown
Marlene Alfieri
Cathy Gumpert Chen
Liz Moss
Audrey Edewaard
Lynne Lasko
Sarah Campbell
Roy Okma
Adriene Thorne
Ann Maria Anderson
Michael Weaver
Karen Fitz La Barge
Heidi Dyk
Joanna Tipple
Ben Kampmeier
Nicholas Dorland
Shannon Jammal-Hollemans
Elizabeth Barrett
Robert Hoffman
Heather Vandervelde
Claire Alger
Marc Theune
Kelly Oliveira
Melissa Vanden Bout
Charlette Reeves
Linda Radach
Darrell Ackerman
Gary Hegstad
John Magee
Kurt Bush
Jason Van Wyk
Linda Miles
Judith Stark
Thea Elis
Andria Keil
Amber Bush
Michael Nalley
Joan Koehler
Carlos Corro
Wayland Bauer
Deanna Johnson
Ross Hoekstra
Art Jongsma
Dana Daniels
Suzanne Hellyer
Diane Brancato
Kathleen Jacinto
Willard Ashley
Kali Lewis
Christy Slabbekoorn
Douglas Moore
Emily Holehan
Leigh Van Kempen
Phyllis Palsma
Brenna Rubio
Jennifer Legg
Kristen Johnson
Debbie Priestner
Eric John Branch
Judy Reichenbach
Barbara Victoria Pimentel
Mimi Haddad
Tamara Buikema
Linda Collister
Tim Wilson
Gordon Wiersma
Howard Major
Trey Tirpak
Toni Dekker
Kathy DeKock
Caitlin Boersma
Sheree Lear
Amy Gadison-Herring
Heidi Hankel
Bob Can Hofwegen
Nicole Saint-Victor
Barbara Timmer
Kathy Davelaar
Greg Town
Tara Woodward
Wesley Granberg-Michaelson
LaWanda Alston
David Mayer
Pamela Foster
Jayne Bukre
Lynne Kammeraad
Sue Mulder
Virginia Young
Larry Terlouw
Michael Johnson
Judith Boogaart
Linda Zeiger
John Pfautz
Ellen Schaper
Sarah Farkas
Arthur Hessinger
RuthAn Swart
Clark Pashby
Wayne Johnson
Katrina McCarron
Cindy Tether
John DeGiovanni
Suzanne Vogel
Jon Norton
Shirley Lin
Jessica Nunez
Lori Herpen
Kristin Intelisano
Susan Redvanly
Robert Redvanly
Pamela Martin-Bremer
Cheryl Heal
Linda Zeiger
Rosalyn De Koster
Jeffrey Knol
Nicole Jones
Kristin Ekkens
David Houck
Leah Wielenga
Gary Jarvis
Stephanie Kaper-Dale
Jill TeWinkle
Nelson Murphy
Harry Tysen
Brian Smilde
Donald Heringa
Pete Burrill
Steven Germoso
Betsy Dykhouse
Dan Haggar
Kim Shassberger
Amy White
Cameron Van Kooten Laughead
Russ Siders
Jill English
Steven DeVries
Bethany Popkes
Patrick Dirkse
Wayne Van Regenmorter
Jill Russell
Lisa Jarnot
Philip De Koster
Heather Salis
Kim Zondervan
France Nelson
Tricia Groeneveld
Board of Directors, Warwick Conf Center
Vicky Eastland
Mary Collier
Amory Jewett
George Montanari
Matthew Floding
Ed Hawkins
Kyunghoon Suh
Karla Camacho
Douglas Banks
Alisha Riepma
Jake Marvel
Bill White
Matthew Floding
Executive Committee of the Synod of the Mid-Atlantics
Mark Poyner
McCartney Rose Paez
Barbara Grevengoed
Mary Kansfield
Marilyn Hunt
Diane Maodush-Pitzer
John Swanson
Trinity Reformed Church
Karen Mulder
Michael Metten
Al Plat
Analisa Freitas
Melissa Raak
Vicky Eastland
Jay Vogelaar
Zachary Pearce
Cynthia English
Kenneth Barr
Suzanne Katerberg
Elizabeth Brown Hardeman
Melissa Vrooman
Beth DeJong
Heather Van Leeuwen
Chris De Blaay
Allan Janssen
Elizabeth Nagaki
Brandon Beebe
Brian Davis
Jason Fulkerson
Steven Warfield
Rebecca Peters
Leigh Van Kempen
Nate Heyboer
Nancy L Gessner
Kelsie Janney
Lynda Laird
Tina Haldeman
Laurie Baron
Paul Lee
Julia Smith
Tony Holmes Curran
Jennifer Holmes Curran
Alison Beukelman Barat
Colleen Janssen
Helene Tenckinck-Scott
Joshua Wierenga
Fran Palazzo
Daniel Zahner
David Ruisard
Jennifer Yeske
Elise Bombaro
Tiffany Fan
Don Young
Sung Kim
Dan Joo
Michael Drew
Sara Johnson
Freedalyn Greene
Leslie Maro
Joyce de Velder
Ralph Condis
Jennifer Fulkerson
Mark Waterstone
Harry Tysen
Andrew Rienstra
Jason Elder
Daniel Jelsma
Jo-Anne Biesbroek
Stephanie Smith
Julie Ipema
John Kaptein
John White
Ben Shoup
Peter Barnett
Vivenne Beckford
Carol Bogerd
Amy Ickes
Bianca Williams
Susan Corriveau
Katherine Hatting
Brian Keepers
David Annand
Beth DeJong
Vivian Bythewood
Julie Moussot
Marcella Vis
Ralph Schregardus
Sonia Loera
Kate Meyer
Susan Kerr
Gay K. Morris
Patricia Johnson
Dennis TeBeest
Carol O’Neill
Amy Klanderman
Tom De Vries
Bishop Samavesha Devi
Ruth Langkamp